SAB Goblin Helicopters


Since March 2015 I am a very proud team member of SAB. This innovative young company with its modern and unique helicopter designs just simply conquered my heart...




You can have the best heli in the world...it´s nothing without good batteries you can trust on! And for this reason I´m flying Optipower LiPos. I tested them in hard circumstances and they hold their promises! Power until the end, no breaks in the rpm even when you push them hard and they don´t even get warm after my E720 3D flights! This is the power I need!


Now I fly the standrad LiPo packs in my TT machines, but at the end of 2012 there will come out the Ultra Power Line LiPos which will be tested very hard, I promise ;)

Kontronik Drives


Kontronik offers THE state-of-the-art motors and esc´s for the helicopters. Today every heli pilot knows this company name, which stands for absolute high quaility motors and ESC´s. If you want to have the best of the best inside your machine which will always work...this is the company you were searching for! 




The german company Graupner is like a veteran in the model-making business and has decades of experience. When I started my flying career I also used the (from my collegues recommended) Mx-16. At that time with 35 MHz!

Now, in the age of 2.4GHz I´m still entrusting my models to this german technology. Now I´m starting into the next generation of high-tech transmitter with telemetry! For this I use the Mx-20 HOTT, a super-modern 12Channel transmitter, which offers everything that a professional heli pilot needs. And it doesn´t matter if you need it for a high-tech Trainer or a super scale machine.

Midland Helicopters


If you are searching for a shop that offers a huge amount of products and all accessoires you could dream of, which delivers quickly and is more than reliable, then Midland is your choice! Here you will find anything that your modelling heart could ever desire! And furthermore Midland has a really unique, awesome and always funny team and I am really proud to be now a part of them!








Slowflyworld is a small shop of Holger & Michael Lambertus, which are two lovely guys who have a passion for R/C motors. Every motor which exists can be tuned by them. Just send them your motor and tell them what you want them to improve: More KV, less KV, more efficiency... they do everything with 100% qualitiy. 


I am proud to announce that from the season 2014 on I will also fly modified motors from Slowflyworld and have the chance to promote them to you!

In my newest videos I am using music from ENDE.TV. ENDE.TV is a sound agency from hannover, which offer gema-free music to use in videos. And if you are a private user - its for free!

2.-3.7.16 EVENT Global 3D in Venlo


17.-19.6.16 EVENT Helifest in UK


15.6.16 SPONSOR Midland Helicopters


5.6.16 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D


29.5.16 Stretch Kit for Black Thunder


28.5.16 EVENT Speed Cup


23.5.16 New Optipower 4000mAh lipos


14./15.5.16 EVENT Helidays in Petit-Enghien


09.05.16 The G700 is now a 3blade!


30.4.16 The Black Thunder arrived!


23.4.16 Toy fair Dortmund


Pro-Modellflug Initative


10.4.16 Goblin 380 Photo gallery


6.4.16 Goblin light (4.9kg) Low rpm


2.4.16 Goblin 500 Sport Low rpm


31.3.16  VLog Corfu


30.3.16  First Look: Goblin Black Thunder


17-21.3.16 4th Heli meeting in Greece


12/13.3.16 Rotor Live


27.2.16 Spring feelings :)


25.1.16 Graupner 3D Quad


18.1.16 I will go to Greece!


31.12.15 Pilot-TR some more pictures


27.10.15 Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video


15.-18.10.15 BullSmackdown in Spain


10.10.15 New model: Goblin 500 Sport


3.10.15 Heli Meeting in Böblingen


21.9.15 My own FB Fanpage


12.9.15 Aviation show in Leverkusen


5./6.9.15 Pilot TR Funfly in Turkey


15.8.15 Anniversary funfly in Elsdorf


8./ 9.8.15 Euroflugtag Rheidt


1.8.15 R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach


27.7.15 Visitors from Frankfurt


19.-21.6.15 Helifest in UK


14.6.15 HeliDays in Battice


13.6.15 Pöting Speed Cup & Intervire with Hugo Markes


6.6.15 Berg Heli Sause


2.6.15 G500 3blade


23.-24.5.15 Heli-Days in Belgium


19.5.15 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video


29.4.15 Girls United will be at Helifest in UK


19.4.15 Intermodellbau Dortmund