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2./3.7.2016 EVENT Global 3D in Venlo

Venlo is back! What was formerly known as the 3D Masters is now back under new coordination with the name "Global 3D". It was held not far from the original 3D Masters airfield, just about 20min drives away. It was very good to reach and the overall apparel reminded me a lot of the 3D Masters. Unfortunately some sponsors and visitors were missing, which was also due to the bad weather forecasts. 

We as the girls from Girls United had the great chance to fly together in a demo slot again. Due to work on saturday not all of us had the time to travel there so at the end we were eight girls (Daniela and Stephanie had to work). We splitted in groups of 3,3,2 and tried to give our best to entertain the visitors with selected party music. 

I was to be found most of the time near the Kontronik booth, were I had lots of fun with Axel and Norbert, Together with Raquel I flew some additional demos during saturday and sunday. Additionally I had the great chance to fly for Graupner in their slot which made me really happy and proud!


On saturday we didn´t watch the night fly because we went to the city centre to eat something and to watch the europe championships where Germany was playing ;) Afterwards we went with lots of beer and picking stuff into the hotel room were we sat loooong time and chatted. Well we had to get up early at sunday so we had to quit soon.


During the trophys on sunday I went home to Cologne because I had to take care for Raquel, her dad and Gabriele, who stayed overnight in my flat, because their plane back to Spain was leaving on early morning.


It was a really nice and funny event again. As always the weather was a bit unpredictable, which made a lot of visitors stay at home. But I guess this really well organized event will soon be known and will be even bigger and much more visited next year!

17.-19.6.2016 EVENT Helifest in UK








15.6.2016 SPONSOR: Midland Helicopters

I may proudly announce that from now on I will be a part of the Team Midland Helicopters flight team!

Midland helicopters is a very huge shop in the UK which provides you with a stunning variety of models, spare parts and accessoires! Whatever your air-modeler heart is desiring, you will find it there. 

They do not only have a huge local store and onlien shop with fast delivery but also some extra services like building your heli and adjusting it! So whatever you need, have a look at this awesome shop.


Team Midland flight team acts on the biggest events around the world and is always a pleasure to watch! All the guys there have always a smile and a helpful advice for you if you ever have any questions!


I will support team Midland from Germany and will be joining their demos on the international shows! I know the team since many years and I am really proud to be part of the official team now!


5.6.2016 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D

As I will be attending Helifest and Global 3D in Venlo, on both events the Girls United will have their own demo slot! So we girls can rock out and show the guys that there are also women who like to enjoy this awesome hobby!


29.5.2016 The Black Thunder Stretch Kit arrived

Thanks to SAB who send me the new optional Stretch Kit for the Black Thunder! With this Kit you can convert the 650 sized Black Thunder to a full 690 (700size) helicopter. First I was not shure if the CG of my batteries would match and if I would get any problems with the weight...


Now I can say: I am soooo happy to have it converted! It flies soooo much more lightweight, you can lower the rpm about 100 rpm and with my batteries I still get 7-9Min 3D flighttime. This is so perfect for training! The CG is also no problem, even my 4000 stickpacks fit perfectly. 


The weights changed to 4.8kg with 4000mah 50c, 4.9kg with 5000mah 30c and to 5,07kg with 5000mah 50c. Awesome! I would never built it back to a 650size if I am honest :)


28.5.2016 EVENT Speed Cup in Haiger

As always in June there was teh Speed Cup in Haiger. Normally organized by Bernd Pöting, it was this year held by Holger Giersiepen, who is participating himself and very successful with it. Again they built up the state of the art 100m measuring track with high speed cameras and every pilot had 4 fly-bys. 

Again the top pilots where Robert Sixt and Miles Dunkel. It is soooo amazing to watch them!

I was asked by Holger to do some Show flights between the first and the second round. So I took my chance to present the new Black Thunder and answer some questions of some other pilots and spectators.


Everytime after being on the speed cup I feel the wish coming up to try speed flying myself... maybe maybe some day...


23.5.2016 New Optipower 4000mAh Lipos!

Thanks to Andrew Hinton from Optipower I have the great chance to test two packs of the new Optipower 4000mAh Ultra packs! You directly feel that the 650 size heli is much more lightweight and easier to fly with those. I get about 8-11Min 3D flight time which absolutely amazing!

So if you are searching for a good stickpack! This shoudl be your choice!


14.-15.5.2016 EVENT Helidays in Petit-Enghien

As I joined this belgium event last year for the first time, I really enjoyed participating it this year again. Together with Timo I arrived there saturday morning where we found the event bigger than last year. This year there was a special scale area on the other side and a 3D area.

Lots of international pilots came to join this event and showed stunning 3D flights.

Unfortunately the weather was really windy and cold, so I did just one or two flights on saturday. 

During saturday night I had the possibility to sleep in teh new built house of Jonas and KIm, which was a nice little adventure due to the fact that the house was not yet completely finished ;)


On sunday the weather was a bit better and I had the possibility to fly a bit more. I did one video flight, where I tried not to fly "precise" but more spectacular, playing with the grass.


It was nice to be joining again this belgium funfly and I hope that they have more luck with the weather next year!


09.05.2016 The G700 is now a 3blade!

After I finished the Black Thunder I realized that I now have two 2bladed 700s. In my opinion this is not really necessary so I decided to convert my G700C into a 3blade machine.


Thanks to the various Goblin KSE kits I could order a black main and tail head which looks extremely sexy :)

I also ordered the new Thunderbolt blades for it, so I am really curious how this thing will fly!


The conversion is done, now I only wait for good weather to do the first setup flights!


30.4.2016 The Black Thunder arrived!

After I saw the Black Thunder on Rotor Live I decided to directly pre-order it :) Now its finally here. On the same day the parcel arrived I started the build, but of course, not without the Cam, so you guys can see the most important and get some infos about it.  

I did 2 videos till now, feel free to watch them below. 


Also if you want to know more about the heli, my setup, about the chosen devices, visit the model site under "Heli models" -> "Black Thunder".


23.4.2016 Toy fair in Dortmund

This year was the third time I visited the "Intermodellbau" toy fair in Dortmund. One of my sponsors, Graupner was there and gave me the great chance to fly in their semo slots in the Outdoor flight show. It was held oustide in a small sport stadium. Graupner represented there lots of their current airplanes, but we also flew the 3D quadcopter and helis. 


Flying in a stadium has it advantages but also disadvantages... you dont have much space...but the sound (the echo of the blades) is AWESOME. For this reason I flew my Goblin 770 with low rpm there. For the spectators there (families, no heli pro´s) some smooth 3D and low inverted hovering was a good show I think.



10.4.2016 Goblin 380 "Goblin Girl" photo gallery

Now that its finally warm and still light after I finish my work I can go out during the week for some after work flights. My favorite trainer  machine right now is the Goblin 380. It flies stable enough for its size to train every basic manover you need to do and everything fits into the G380 carry bag: trnasmitter, heli, 6 batteries... just perfect :)



6.4.2016 VIDEO Goblin 700 light (4.9kg) Low rpm

The Goblin 700 finally awoke from its winter sleep. As I was only flying my 500 Sport  in the berely occasions I had in winter, I was not used any more to this fantastic feeling a 700 machine provides :)

So here is a pure low rpm flight with my "light" Goblin 700 with 4.9kg and about 1400rpm



2.4.2016 VIDEO Goblin 500 Sport Low rpm

uff during winter there were nearly no possibilities to fly...bad weather...already dark when I came out of work.. :( So on some weekends I flew with my G500 Sport in order not to loose any skills.

Now that its finally warmer I have more opportunities to fly and I get into it more and more. 


So as a result here is one of my recent flights in good weather with my G500S, only middle / lowrpm


31.3.2016 VIDEO - VideoLog from Corfu

Its finally second video log from my heli travels :)

As many of you seemed to like my first videolog / diary from Turkey last year, I decided to try the same with Greece. This video is not as long as the old one (about 25 min) but its still packed with lots of funny moments with Chris, Vasilis and Sebastiano on my tour from Germany to Athens, to Corfu and back.



30.3.2016 VIDEO - FirstLook: Goblin Black Thunder

Presented on the Rotor Live, many people are awaiting the new Goblin Black Thunder. This new 650 machine is packed with lots of power and is super light. A monster :)


Sebastiano had his prototype with him in Corfu, so I asked him to do a short "First look presentation" video. Well it was not scheduled, not prepared, neither planned...the Cam is a GoPro (without display), no microphone... I am sorry if its a bit amateur style but I added english subtitles in case the wind is too loud. Anyway I hope this short first look video is interesting for those of you who are interested in this heli


17.-21.3.2016 EVENT 4th Heli meeting in Corfu

Wow... I just came home from the Rotor Live.. then it was already time to pack my stuff to go to Greece °_°

So on wednesday night I dismounted my helis and stuffed them together with many clothes into the golfcas. I didnt take any batteries with me, less weight and less stress at the airport security then ;)


My flight from Cologne to Munich started Thursday at 06:05 AM so I was already at the airport at 03AM...uff. The flight to munich was without problems. After a bit more waiting in Munich for my delayed flight to Athens, I finally arrived there at lunchtime where Vasilis (a friend of Chris, who invited me and organized everything) caught me up. Unfortunately Vasilis was not speaking any english :/ So the cardrive was a bit more "quiet", haha. He drove me directly to a R/C Shop "" where John (the shop owner) welcomed me. While I was building up my helis I was supported with lots of coffee and Pita (yum yum). When Johns wife went to the olimpic stadion to catch up one of her sons from swimming, I drove with her to see a bit of Athens. Later Vasilis brought me to my hotel near the center of Athens, where I had my own room in the !!! 19th !!! floor. I relaxed a bit in the bath tub and then went for dinner with Chris, Sakis and his girlfriend. Afterwards I went straight to bed... I was awake since 03am and I really was dead...


Friday I decided to head down walking into the city center of Athens after the hotel breakfast. I didnt have much time but at least I did some shopping, haha. After checkout I went back to the shop and we waited for Sebastiano to arrive, so we could directly start our journey to Corfu. It was longer than expected and after 7hours drive in rain (with one broken wiper) we reached the last ferry to Corfu, where we then arrived in the R/C hotel at 02am in the morning.


On saturday I had to get up early, have a quick breakfast at the hotel and then prepare my helis. Now in morning light I had a chance to admire the beautiful hotel surrounding. Its not a typical hotel, but small appartements on teh top of a hill. In the middle part is a swimming pool with relax area, a pond for R/C ships, a racing track for R/C cars and, of course the flying field. In the early morning there were already lots of greek pilots there. All of them were really friendly, and although some of them couldnt speak a lot of english they tried and where happy to chat :) I had the chance to take a look into the hangar, where hundreds of airplanes and helis were waiting for someone to take them out to fly. So if you want to do some family holiday there, you can use all of them to fly :) Wow!

Unfortunately it was really stormy on saturday but nevertheless we did our demo flights, come what may ;) Sebastiano was presenting the new Goblin Black Thunder and all the pilots (including me) where really interested ;) I did some low rpm flights with my 770 but due to the wind I skipped more to the G500S, as its better to handle the wind. At lunchtime we had a delicious home made greek BBQ before going on to fly till the evening. Then, after a short freshening up in the hotel room, we enjoyed some beer at the hotel bar, had a nice dinner and then went with Spiros, Sakis, Chris and Sebastiano to an old city at the coast of Corfu. It was a really wonderful mediterranean city. It was lovely to wander through the old streets before we sat down in a cafe/bar. We didnt stay very long, as it was late already and we had to get up early again in the next morning.


On sunday I could sleep a bit longer, as teh helis were already ready ;) After a delicious breakfast we went directly to fly and we had MUCH better weather now. It was no wind, Really like summer in this beautiful landscape. Perfect for me to perform lots of G770 low rpm flights. It seems that also the greek people were not used to low rpm flying because everyone asked me how this could be possible and how much rpm I am running, hehe :) Unfortunately we had to dismount the helis and pack our stuff after lunch at about 2PM, as we had a long trip back to Athens. So we enjoyed the drive with the ferry in the sun, passing all the wonderful greek islands back to the greek main country. After a long car drive we arrived again at our well known hotel at 2am. 


On monday we had breakfast in the hotel and went straight back to the shop. I had to hurry unmounting and packing my helis as my taxi was already waiting to bring me back to the airport where I catched my flight back to Munich and then further to Cologne, where I arrived at the late afternoon. 


All in all, this spring event was still a big surprise for me and I am soooo thankful to Spiros and Chris, who organized and helped me with supporting so much. The greek people where really really lovely and helpful, we had SO much fun there (watch my Greece VLog video) and Corfu is just such a beautiful island. I can only recommend you to try the R/C hotel. The owners are a really nice couple, trying to fulfill you every wish. Because of teh R/C boat pond, teh R/C car racing track and the flying field everyone can enjoy his stay there. The island itself looks really lovely and is worth visiting. I will DEFINITELY come back to see more!



12.-13.3.2016 EVENT Rotor Live

Every year the Rotor Live fair in Iffezheim is the beginning of the new flying season for me. So also this year at the beginning of march it was time for this event.


This year I drove there together with Raquel Bellot and her dad Marcos, as they wanted to go but didnt know how (from Spain). So at Friday lunchtime I catched them up at Cologne airport and after building up her helis in my flat and having a quick lunch we started our drive to Iffezheim. Everyone checked into his hotel and I spent the rest of the late evening at the Hotel Bar with the Graupner team :)


On saturday we did the briefing and checked the demo slot times. I was flying at the early morning for Graupner with the Goblin 770. The rest of the team did a stunning demo with 6 of the 3D quads and Ralph Becker presented the new speed flying feature for the GR-18. The weather was very challenging to was really windy and cold, not really a pleasure. The fair was really really crowded on saturday, it was really hard to get to a booth and ask questions or get a look onto new products. 

I was really happy to see the SAB guys again: Enrico and Stephano, as well as Sebastiano and Kyle. I also visited my sponsors at their stands like Andrew from Optipower and Silke, Katrin and Norbert at Kontronik. Also the Graupner CEO Hannes Runknagel came for a visit on saturday. Of course I also met lots of national and international friends again after the winter break like Iris Mulder and her dad, Kim de Weese and Jonas Schelpe, Dani with her boyfriend Alex, Paul and Karen, Rainer and Eddi, Patrick Magnus, etc etc... I was talking so much with so many people that I didnt have any time to watch any demos or have a closer look at the products. At the late evening I headed to my hotel for a quick relax before I had dinner together with the Graupner guys and some beers at the hotel bar. 


On sunday everything was more relaxed, less visitors, I finally found some time to watch some demos. SAB did as usual stunning demos where the tribune was fully crowded. Sebastiano and Kyle presented the new Goblin Black Thunder and the Black Nitro and also did some nice flights with the Urukay Competition. 

kyle Dahl and Mirco Cesena did a really cool show together with two italian girls. The girls were dancing simultaneousely to the guys flying and mounted a big show. Awesome :) I was lucky to be allowed to fly together with Raquel in the Kontronik demo slot. Two girls flying at the same time is always something special! 

At the early afternoon (at about 4pm) we started to pack our stuff and together with my spanish visitors we headed back to Cologne. After Raquel unmounted and packed her helis back into the golfcase in my flat we had a nice dinner together and went to bed soon. After all we had to get up early and I brought them to the airport before I started my work on monday.


Again it was a lot of fun this year. I want to thank all my sponsors for supporting me also this season, making it possible for me to live this wonderful hobby. Also thanks to all the poeple who came up to me to have a talk and to say hello. Again and again I am surprised how many people know me from Youtube and Facebook :)


27.2.2016 Spring feelings awakening :)

Finally it gets warmer and brighter during the days :) 

In the last days there were several beatiful days to fly, without being packed into gloves, hats and jackets...


25.1.2016 VIDEO - Graupner 3D Quad

At the end of January Graupner sent me the all new Alpha 300Q 3D quadcopter to try. This funny little machine is able to fly like a heli.. inverted, flips, funnels, piroflips...what you want :)

This is possible because of the quickly reversing motors and 3D props. It reverses so quickly you nearly feel no delay in your steering, wow!

Also its nearly indestructible. I fell down with mine several times now and the most expensive thing I broke was one or two propellers, which cost you one or two Euro :) 


I did a short promo video (about 1 min) to give you a short sneak look into whats possible with this machine.


If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to watch also  the second video, where present, unbox and program the quad with you.


18.1.2016 I will go to Greeeeeece!!!

haha it seems that every year I have another surprise international event to go to :) In January I was asked if I would like to join the 4th heli meeting in Corfu, Greece. And thanks to the nice travel cost support of Chris and Spiros, I decided quickly to say "YES". So I will go to Greeeece :)


31.12.2015 Pilot-TR: Some more pictures

The event in Turkey is a bit ago, but nevertheless there are still pictures and videos popping up now and then. Remind me of the good times there :)


27.10.2015 VIDEO Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video

 Here it is!!! My own produced Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video! It is just 1 Minute long but full with beautiful shots from Spain at the beach, at the airport etc! Hope you like and share it ^^

15.-18.10.2015 EVENT BullSmackdown in Spain

 The BullSmackdown in Spain is on my "To-Do" List in every flying season! This year there was no holiday afterwards but flying to Spain feels always a bit like holiday, doesnt it? ;)

I arrived at Thursday where Rachel Plant, Jack Bishop and Stijn Bungenberg picked me up at the airport. We had quite a funny good time driving to the supermarket and then heading to our houses. Like the last years we stayed in a huge house in Mosa trajectum. It had everything you could wish for, even a swimming pool :)

This year it was the first time that Dave organized the event alone (without Raquel) and he really put a lot of effort in it! On friday he reserved a small area at the local beach where we then could fly over the sea. Really thrilling! I did a lot of awesome photos, videos and shots there!

On saturday and sunday the official event took place at an actual sports airport with real airplanes! Dave built up a huge tent-city and there were sooo many pilots this year, Bulls is really growing every year! Of course there was the typical spanish chaos troup ;) but also a lot of international pilots from Netherlands, UK etc,. I was really pleased to see Team Midland there (like Jason Platts, Neil Gennard and Rob Turnbull). These guys are always really fun! There were lots of competitions going on, also this year I couldnt compete altough I wanted to. I just didnt have time to finish my choreography :(

On saturday there was a huge night fly and also a disco platform. On sunday we ended the day with a hilarious pool party at Team Midland house which was a blast! On monday we did some flights on the local airfield where the official HeliMasters took place some years ago. There I did a nice video of my all new Goblin 500 Sport which you will find under this post. 

The best thing: neil and Jason gave me the chance to test fly their new prototype, a self converted Goblin 700 Nitro! Wow! Maybe I will start to fly Nitro soon, this thing was sooo cool!

10.10.2015 New model: Goblin 500 Sport

 On October 14th SAB will release the new Goblin 500 Sport. It is a upgraded G500 but also in a sleek new design and the speed look of the G380 and the G Speed. I received mine shortly before BullSmackdown in order to do some nice videos, photos and promo there. 

If you are interested in the differenece to the "old" G500, the unboxing, the assembly and (new!) how to mount the electric devices and doing the first testflight, feeld free to watch my G500S building series

3.10.2015 EVENT Heli meeting in Böblingen

 The heli meeting in Böblingen is one of the last events every year. It is located near Stuttgart and normally I combine it with visiting a good friend who lives about 10min away from the club. This year we had some really nice late-autumn weather and I could do a lot of flights with my Gobbis.

27.9.2015 My own Facebook Fanpage

Everytime I analyuze it I am so overwhelmed how many people in the world are interested in what I do! I recognize that on the success of my Youtube channel, but also on the friends requests in Facebook. Unfortunately I am limited to a friend amount of 5.000 which I reached this autumn. So if I like it or not...I had to open a Facebook Fanpage. Its not because I think I am someone special, a fan page has no limits regarding the followers. So I hope that all of you will visit my page, like it, and stay up-to-date to share this beautiful hobby with me in the future!


12.9.2015 EVENT Aviation Show in Leverkusen

Already last year I ahd the great chance to visit this airshow in Leverkusen near Cologne! So I was happy to be invited again! This airshow is 95% about real airplaines, gliders etc. The model aircrafts are just a small bonbon for teh audience! I flew my G770 and my G700 there and with two scalers I was the only 3D heli pilot there which of course was quite impressive for the audience

5./6.9.2015 EVENT Pilot-TR Funfly in Turkey

At the beginning of 2015 I received an invitation to the Pilot TR Funfly in Yozgat, Turkey. At first I was a bit stunned, but after several calls and chats with Kemal, the organizator of the event, I said YES!

So i booked my flight to Ankara with Lufthansa (free Golf luggage ;) and finally my departure day came. I was a bit nervous.. I travelled alone to a country where none of my languages could help me and where I´ve not been since over 12 years. But everything went fine, also the transit in Munich and I arrived happily in Ankara where Kemal himself picked me up and we drove to Yozgat to have dinner with the other international pilots.

On Friday we drove to the flight club to mount our machines and do some test flights while the Pilot TR staff built up everything for the event.

On saturday and sunday the event took place and it was overwhelming. So many spectators, everythingw as built up, organized and commented with so much passion. There was also a small competition for turkish heli flyers where we did the Jury. Saturday night there was a live discotheque with DJ, GoGo girls and show. Pilot TR booked a professional photographer who was tehre all days to do awesome shots and movies about everything we did! It was just amazing!

On monday we drove with a bus to Cappadocia, a very famous and historic area in Turkey. Our hotel was soo cool (a cave hotel) and on Tuesday we did an epic hotair balloon tour and a ATV quad tour. Pure adventure! On wednesday I unfortunately lost my flight due to strikes at Lufthansa so I flew back with Turkish Airways one day later. But I arrived happily at home, relaxed and filled up with experiences and so many nice memories! Thanks Pilot TR and Kemal, this event was really a blast!

15.8.205 EVENT Anniversary Funfly in Elsdorf

At mid of August I visited the anniversary funfly of the R/C club in Elsdorf near Cologne. I visited this club once in spring and the people there were really open minded and friendly. They invited me to their funfly in summer and of course I wanted to join. The funfly was small but really good organized and all of the pilots gave their best to show their machines to the crowd. 

I was flying my 770C and the G500 HPS3 there and had a really good time!

8./9.8.2015 EVENT Euroflugtag Rheidt

Also this year we were invited to the Euroflugtag in Rheidt, near Cologne. This has always been a huge event mostly for airplanes, jets etc. I was flying there already 2 years ago and it was amazing. So I was really pleased to be asked to fly there this year again.

The whole area is really big and you find a lot of shops, food stores, small shops for daily stuff there. Also a lot of manufacturers had their tents there. We stayed at the Graupner booth and had about 2/3 flights during the day (there was a scheduled demo). We were also asked to come back for the night flight so after dinner we came back while it was already running. They asked me to do a night flight but I didnt bring any night flight heli with me, just my normal day helis. They said "No problem we have a spotlight here, you are already scheduled and will fly next"... I was sooo nervous, also because there were sooo many spectators. But Nils Schneider did a good job with the spotlight, and jens did a really nice anchorman job. The spectators were also cheering so it was my first spotlight flight but it felt really cool! ^^ Check out the video if you want to see it.

1.8.2015 EVENT R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach

27.7.2015 Visitors from Frankfurt

Over Facebook I came in contact with some guys from near Frankfurt. They asked me if they could visit me in Cologne at my flying field for a afternoon together. First I thought they would be joking, its about 2/3 hours drive, just for flying a heli??

But they kept their word and together we spent a really funny and nice afternoon on the field with lots of flights and a nice coffee and cake brake afterwards.

19.-21.6.2015 EVENT Helifest in UK

 This was my first time I went to the Helifest in the UK, unfortunately I couldnt make it in the last years. We arrived in Birmingham on early Fridaya and then drove about 1 hour to the Weston Park airfield. This location is incredibly huge and seems to be a big castle park or something similar.

On one site it was all about helicopters, shops, tents, flightlines but if you walked about 5-10 min you reached "the other side" where more airplanes and jets were flying. What was really amazing is that they did not only build up some tents and shops but there also merry-go-rounds, food shops, bazars etc. So there was something for everyone and every family. 

I met lots of UK pilots and shop owners, I partly just knew from Facebook. So it was really nice to actually meet some of the "virtual guys" in real life ^^ From our Girls United Team we were 5 girls: Kim de Weese, Rachel Plant, Raquel Bellot, Iris Mulder and me. Together we flew some demos in our own slot during saturday and sunday. 

Enrico, the boss of SAB and also Kyle Stacy and Sebastiano Gabutti were also there and showed some cool demo flights with the new machines (Urukay Competition, Speed Competition, 700 KSE). At the evening dinners we had lots of fun together with the guys from FastLad.  On saturday and sunday there was the UK music flight competitions, for me really intersting to watch as I LOVE music flights. 

We also did a small interview with Girls United which was really fun!

One of the best things was that I met Mr. Alan Szabo Jr in person! A really funny and nice guy I have to admit! All in all this event was really cool and I look forward to go there again!

14.6.2015 EVENT HeliDays in Battice (Belgium)

 In mid of June Timo and me visited the HeliDays in Battice, Belgium. We decided that very spontaneous as it was located not far away from Cologne, directly behind the german/belgium fronteer. It was a tiny but again very friendly meeting. As Belgium isnt soo big we also met a lot of guys from the Heli Days in Enghien, where we went 2 weeks earlier. I brought my G700 and the G500 HPS3 to fly. We were lucky with the weather and had lots of fun! I guess I should go to more events in Belgium in the near future :)

13.6.2015 EVENT Pöting Speed Cup & First Look Interview for the new Goblin Speed Competition

 As every year in summer I visited the Pöting Speed Cup. This year it was a pleasure to do an interview with Hugo Markes from Switzerland, who presented the brandnew Goblin Speed Competition prototype. At that time there existed only 3 prototypes in the world. One was at SAB in Italy, one at Sebastiano Gabutti and one had Hugo. Since the first tecnical drawing of the new model only 2 weeks had passed, so this were really really the very first test runs. Hugo just had some flights with it but still he made all the long way to NRW to present it there to the people. 

If you are interested in more infos, pics and details, feel free to watch my interview with Hugo!

6.6.2015 EVENT Berg Heli Sause

 At the beginning of June, Timo and me visited the Berg Heli Sause in Brakel. We stayed for some hours there, met lots of friends and did some flights while having nice coffee and cake ^^ 

There I was flying the G500 HPS3 and the 770C. Jens Jüngling did also some nice photos of me and the G500 HPS3! Thanks for that!

2.6.2015 Goblin 500 3blade

 If you never been aware of the 3blade mania, At least you should have heard it in 2015. Nearly every manufacturer offers now a 3blade model or at least some conversion kits for the normal models. SAB is one of the brands which offers 3blade kits for every model they have. Not only 3blade heads, also 3 blade tails!

As I had to do lots of mainetance with my 500 I decided to give this experiment a GO. The 3blade conversion Kit arrived in a small package. It contained the shorter 3 blade set with 465mm, the longer tail blades with 95mm, the new rotor head, a new swashplate and a manual. The conversion needed about 30minutes then everything was done and looked awesome! Again some small details made it a pleasure to build: Fine machined and precisely fitting parts, numbered rotorgrips and a mecanically turned swashplate. 

The first setup flight was quite easy. You just have to know that the 3rd blade needs lots of energy and makes the heli very stable. So the first thing you have to do is to lower the swash gain a bit and increase the agility. The tail gain should be lowered a lot, as we now have longer tail blades. You dont need any swash rotation in the FBL, as this is done by the swashplate.

The heli flies incredibly more stable. The higher rpm you fly the more you will notice it. While doing stopps, tic tocs etc the heli just feels like in a simulator. No wobbling, no unexpected movements, just stability. The tail holds due to the longer blades incredibly good. Just be cautious with the tail, because there is not a lot of space left between the ground and the tail tips. The only bad thing about the 3blade is the sound. I miss a bit the typical rotorblade sound. But if you get such a stable heli, this can be ignored I guess ;)

23.-24.5.2015 Heli-Days in Petit-Enghien (Belgium)

 On the weekend of the 23rd & 24th of May we went to the Heli Days in Petit-Enghien (Belgium). Francis Paduwat, one of the organizators, invited us to come. As it is relatively near to Cologne (2 1/2 hours drive) and we had the great possibility to sleep in a hotel which was 3km away from the flying field, we decided to visit this event. 

On saturday we left early and arrived at about 11 AM. The weather was good and there were already lots of pilots. The flying site was quite nice: There were two runways, one for scale machines and one for 3D Helis. The commentator had quite a lot to do: Giving infos about two flights at the same time and all that then in 3 languages (Dutch, french and english).

Later in the morning Kim de Weese and her husband Jonas Schelpe joined and so we had a good time together with lots of laughs and fun. After a short rain pause in the afternoon we should participate in a "Harlem Shake". Well the belgium guys had their own interpretation of it and so we had to fly first one after one, then all together. I was asked to join it but I was not soooo happy with my flight. As you all know my flying style, I am not so good in flying hard and smacking on commando. So...lets say I tried my best :D 

At the late evening we took our reservated dinner which consisted of a tasty half roasted chicken, mushroom sauce, potatoes and salad. Yummy! Later when the sun went down, there were plenty of pilots doing night flights with airplanes and helis. But at 11PM (after 12 hours at the event) we decided to head back to our hotel and have some sleep.

On sunday we had beautiful weather conditions. Nearly no wind, sunny and warm weather... They did again a Harlem Shake (I left it to the Pro´s and did a movie instead) and especially on sunday a Balloon tournament, where you had to pop a balloon (fixed on a wooden stick far away) within 1 minute with your heli. Depending on how spectacular you hit the balloon you scored more points. Some helis did quite nice but also crashed. This is why I didnt compete :) 

At about 6 PM we left the Heli Days and went further to the North sea to Oostende and spent another relaxing day before we had to head back to Cologne.

All in all we have to say that the Heli Days in Enghien are one of nicest, most familiar and personal events we assisted this year. There were quite a lot pilots (over 100 registered) from all over Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and even Spain) but you never had to wait more than 30minutes at the flightine. For the spectators there was lots to see as they had aerobatic 3D machines and beautiful and big scale helis to watch. Food and drink was offered during both days to good prices and immense portions. The people there were all really friendly, open minded and liked talking and chatting. But what I admire the most is that really EVERYONE was going out to fly. I know that in most german events beginners feel bad to go outside between the "Pros". Here you could really watch every kind of skill level. The other pilots and guests really cheered everyone and made them come back from the flightline with a big smile and I guess this is really what its all about! If you want to attend next year, just have in mind that this event always takes place at Whitsun. 

I can definitely recommend this event to everyone! We already put it into our event calendar for next year!

19.5.2015 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video

 Also Graupner has not overseen the trend of the multicopters and now has brought out a new little Quad Racer with the name "Alpha Race Quad 250". It is quite small and is meant to fly FPV or normal aerobatic flight without cam. Depending on which set you choose, the quad comes completely preassembled with all the items you need to fly. It also has the new multicopter software for the Graupner GR-18 FBL so you have flight controller and receiver all in one. It is meant to fly with 3s or 4s and reaches an immense speed and also is capable of doing small aerobatic stuff like flips, loops and rolls. 

In the following video I created a short 1minute promo spot in order to show you the features of this tiny racer a bit more. Hope you like it :)

29.4.2015 GIRLS UNITED will be at Helifest (UK)

 As the Helimasters will not take place this year we (the Girls from Girls United) were a bit sad not to have a chance to fly together this year. But thanks to Rachel Plant and the organizators we now have the great chance to fly together at Helifest in the UK. This event takes place from the 19th till the 21rd of June and is located in Weston Park near Birmingham. 

Not all the girls will have the chance to go there but till now it seems that we will be: Rachel Plant, Raquel Bellot, Iris Mulder and me. Still pending are Kim de Weese and Stefanie Limburg.

I will also fly in the demo slots for Optipower and SAB. And as far as I heard, there are also some FunFly spots where you can fly without time schedule. So I am looking forward to this event and hope to meet some well known faces there :)

19.4.2015 Intermodellbau (toy fair) Dortmund

Last sunday Timo and me visited the Intermodellbau toy fair in Dortmund. This big fair is not only for helicopters but for all kind of r/c and modelling stuff like boats, cars, tanks, airplanes, helis, trains... Additionally to the indoor flight show there is always a big outdoor flight show in the front of the building, called "Rote Erde Stadion" (the football stadium next to the big stadium of BVB Borussia Dortmund).

Last year Timo and me already had the great chance to fly out there for Graupner, so we were really happy to come back this year.

Well you don´t have lots of space to fly, honestly its tiny space, but the advantages are that you nearly have no wind inside and a incredible sound which echoes from the tribunes back to you! This was the main reason why I decided to fly my 770C with Low rpm and "Flap Flap" sound inside of the stadium. We did 3 flights during the day and had a really nice commentator and audience. Together with the other guys from the Graupner demo team we flew a HD Cell 500, a Goblin 700C, a Logo 690SX and a lot of airplanes. All in all it was a big success and I really enjoyed it! Thanks to the guys from DMFV who organized and commented this flight show and also thanks to Graupner for the great possibility to fly there!

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17.-19.6.16 EVENT Helifest in UK


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5.6.16 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D


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23.5.16 New Optipower 4000mAh lipos


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1.8.15 R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach


27.7.15 Visitors from Frankfurt


19.-21.6.15 Helifest in UK


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23.-24.5.15 Heli-Days in Belgium


19.5.15 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video


29.4.15 Girls United will be at Helifest in UK


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