Graupner / SJ Sponsor Canopy

Everything began with Timos wish to design him a Graupner canopy for his E700. It went wuite nice and so we decided to apply it also on the E820 canopy. We both posted these designs on Facebook and the feedback was quite gorgeous! A lot of people already asked me if they could use and fly this design on their own E700. I also did some client work and applied the design onto other helis. For example on a Agile 7.2 of Harry Driscoll from UK and the X50 of Frank Reinink from Germany.

Group Canopy Design for RCHF

The group RCHF (RCH Heli Flightline) is a small bunch of people in Facebook. They had the idea of having a unique group design canopy. So I started to do first the design, based on the E700. Then I started to transform it and adapt it to all the different canopy shapes. As last step I did some colour changes for everyone who had special wishes

Team Canopy for Team

Team is an austrian group of people who mainly fly E700. They asked me to do a special canopy design for them. So I created a design which is available in multiple colours and they will fly these canopys in the season 2015.

Steady 700 F3C Fuselage for Heli Center Berlin

Maybe you remember that I did a F3C body design especially for Uwe Kiesewetter. If you don´t remember, just scroll down a bit ;) I was doing that design at the beginning of last year because Uwe did this new fuselage himself. As he is one of the best german F3C pilots he put all his experience about what is important for a good F3C body into the new "Steady". 


So last year I did a special design for him, which he is flying already in different colour schemes and on many competitions.


Heli-Center-Berlin builds all this fuselages by hand rght here in Germany and is also selling it for interested customers. The body is available in different versions so it fits for different helicopter brands.


As one of these versions is made for the new Raptor E700 it was my job to do a new poppy design which should go beyond the typical F3C design and would show which helicopter brand is inside the body. Well right now I can proudly announce that my design "Blue Carbon" is ready for sale and you can buy it in the Online Shop.


Click here to go to the Heli-Center-Berlin Online Shop

E700 Custom canopy

The E700 stock canopy looks cool, but I as a designer wanted to have something custom, of course :)

So I wanted to give the canopy a fresh, cool, aggresive and speed design while also including my main sponsors in it. The draft was done rather quickly, but the problem was how to paint it, as there don´t exist any unpainted, white canopies by TT. I met Phil Buckley from on the RCHA 2013 and he said that he wanted to give it a try.


So I ordered a painted canopy from TT and sent it together with my design draft to Phil to UK. Now, two weeks later he sent me the first pics of the finished canopy. It looks absolutely awesome! He was able to put my design draft in 1:1 onto the canopy and it looks so unique! Brilliant!

Mikado Uvular Red Bird

I am so proud to announce that I have done my first official helicopter design which is available for all of you as end costumers. The Mikado Uvular Red Bird.


Patrick Magnus from is the guy who is building all the Mikado Uvular fuselages by hand. The Uvular is a sport fuselage and was presented in spring 2013. Originally it comes with a white or neon-orange painting, which is nice to see but not outstanding and also a bit hard to see. As a lot of clients will use this fuselage as a speed machine, I wanted to give it a speed, agressive design. A "Formula One" design so to say :)


I worked together with Patrick to make the last tiny changes but when he sent me the first pictures of the first painted prototype I was blown away! It looks soooo cool!


The best thing is: YOU can buy it! Just go to Patricks Online Shop and order one! I would love to see some of these cool Uvulars flying out there!

F3C Fuselage Design for Uwe Kiesewetter

Uwe Kiesewetter is one of the best F3C pilots. He is competing in the F3C world championships for Germany and is sponsored by JR. At the beginning of 2013 he built a fuselage himself but was searching for a cool design. So he did a small design competition where I also competed...and won! ^^ I did a complete new design which was totally different to all the typical F3C designs out on the market. 


As Uwe told me that I´ve won the competition we worked together to figure out the smaller details like placement of sponsors, where to put the FAI numbers etc. At the end he gave it to Patrick Magnus to paint it. Since then a bit of time passed and now Uwe has already two painted fuselages, each one in another color scheme.he already competed with it in several competitions, also in the world championships in Poland.

F3C Fuselage Design for Markus Rohrer

Markus Rohrer is also a F3C pilot from Switzeland who also has built his own F3C fuselage. As it was a bit different in its form and lines he also searched for someone who could doa nice, cool looking fuselage design for it. He has seen the fuselage design of Uwe Kiesewetter and directly wrote me an E-Mail. 


So his fuselage was the most diffcult one I ever had, because of its weird forms amd placement of the fin. So it took me abit longer to find the perfect lines, colours and scheme for it, but at the end Markus and me were both really satisfied with the final design. It is now named "Black Fire" and just needs to be painted. As soon as I have some pics of the painted fuselage I will post them here, of course :)

First Lady Business cards

At least the times are over when I had to write down my website or E-Mail adress on flyers or parts of paper on some events, when people asked me for it. 

Now I invested a bit of money and today I can proudly show you my own First Lady Business cards :)

They offer everything you´ll need (from Website to E-Mail, Facebook and Youtube Channel) to find helistuff in the world wide web.

Just ask for a card on the next event, or simply download the following picture.

My own First Lady Logo

After doing a lot of logotypes for other people and comapanies it was time to build up my own personal helicopter logo. 

So here it is: It combines the Thunder Tiger Raptor with a cool grunge design and a female touch. 

You will find it here on my Blog, Facebook, T-Shirts, Business Cards and other public stuff soon.

I hope you like it :)

E720 Think pink airbrush canopy design

As I was tired of guys saying: "Haha, a girl need a pink, Hello Kitty, Glitter canopy"... I said at least: YES, EXTRA for these guys I will do one pink "Girl Canopy".


So I started right at the design sketchboard and did a pink canopy. Of course without any overwhelming glitter, Kittys, Diddles and stuff but with style ;)


So this final design result went to my airbrusher Rolf Wutschi. Unfortunately nearly all of his clients are male, so he had to buy some pink colours extra for me ;) 

X50e airbrush canopy design

I love the green X50 canopy. I got no problems with seeing it during flight so I knew: "I want my own designed apple green canopy for the X50"


Unfortunately my spare time was quite filled with other projects. So I just did some colour and pattern choices, defined the spikes and spaces and searched for nice canopys as a reference. The rest I put in the hands of my airbrusher Rolf Wutschi. And he did quite a super good job!

E620 Adhesive foil canopy design

As I´m a Designer, i always wantes to do my own, individual canopy design. The plastic PVC canopy of the Raptor survived all of the crashs, but you couldn´t brush it. This was the reason I decided to give it a bit of colour with printed adhesive foils from HAUBENDESIGN.


Together with Jan-Henrik Kemps, the boss of, we created the first printed design canopy. I did all of the design in vecotor graphics and Jan used and converted them for printing the canopy and the fins.

TDR Speed canopy design for Timo Wendtland

Timo asked me to do a airbrush design for his new Henseleit TDR speed canopy. So I did a lot of scribbles and soon I saw that he was quite open minded for new, non conform styles and colours. So I´ve chosen not that typical colours from brown to red, orange and yellow to design a warm, but fireflame colour design which was at the end painted by Rolf Wutschi.

Logo design for Timo Wendtland

This logo was designed for the website of Timo Wendtland. 

Timo wanted something futuristic which includes his both sponsors: His helicopter (the Henseleit TDR) and the blades (Spinblades). After some scribbles and pre-designs we did now this final version, which will be used as a pure Logo, in Banners and maybe in future canopy designs.


Have a glance on it on his webpage:






Logo design for "Die Helischrauber"

This Logo is designed for "Die Helischrauber". It should be a freehand style logo which contains the text and also a tool. This is the final sketch


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