Goblin 380 (Goblin Girl design)

The Goblin 380 is the newest machine from SAB. It was announced in autumn 2014 and the first batch was delivered in the end of January 2015. Although everyone was jelling that the 450 class is "too tiny, all the same, just for beginners", the 380 was a huge success! The first batch of over 2500 Goblins was completely sold out directly. If you look at this little machine, the first thing you will notice is its similarity to the famous Goblin Speed. It has these little speed paws, so its leaned forward and looks merely aggressive. 

When you take off the canopy you will encounter the goblin-like, tidy look of a massive machine without any cable chaos. All electric devices are located where you would expect them when you know the bigger Goblins.

On the swashplate I use three Graupner DES 488 BB MG Micro Servos, which are not HV ready but still deliver a massive amount of power and are nearly unbeatable regarding price-performance ratio. The tail servo is a Graupner HBS 690 Midi Servo. It fits perfectly into the 380 and offers massive power for the tail.

The motor is a Kontronik Micropyro 380. As the name suggests it was developed especially for this little Goblin. Its located in the front and drives the main gear through a big belt.

The ESC is a Kontronik Koby 90. Its neat and tiny and may be programmed via the ProgUnit. If you need it, it also offers a HV BEC. The Motor-ESC cables are wired through the frame and zip-tied at the chassis like you know it from all the Goblins.

Due to the tiny dimensions of the heli and the minimum space you got for electric devices the Graupner GR-18 FBL system is a perfect choice.

It combines the Rx with the FBL and you can do all the adjustements directly in the transmitter without even taking off the canopy.  

If you want to connect any other telemetry modules like TelMe for ESC data, the GR-18 offers an extra plug for that.

Regarding battery packs I am still experimenting. SAB recommends 1800mAh 6s packs for 3D flying, but as I am a fan of longer flight times I will soon test some 2700mAh packs.

Right now I use Optipower 6s 1800mAh 50C packs which should offer immense power for sport and 3D flying. They fit perfectly, are lightweight and offer a perfect COG.

As I am not only a SAB pilot but also a "Goblin Girl" I am proud to fly one of the special "Goblin Girl" schemes, SAB especially developed for this machine. I totally love it.

It offers a girlie look due to the pink and purple, but its not too kitschy. With the yellow stripes and areas combined with the pink windshield it offers a extreme good visibility in the air.

Setup Goblin 380

Helicopter:          SAB Goblin 380

Motor:                   Kontronik Micropyro

ESC:                      Kontronik Koby 90 LV

Swash Servos:    Graupner DES 488 BB MG

Tail Servo:            Graupner HBS 690 BB MG (HV)

Battery:                 Optipower 6s 1800mAh Ultra 50C & 6s 2700mAh 30C

FBL System:        Graupner GR-18

Blades:                  SAB Kit Blades

Transmitter:         Graupner mz-24

Gr-18 FBL Setup (click to enlarge)


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