Trainer machines

Goblin 380 in Goblin Girl Design


The smallest of all SAB Goblins. It looks like a baby but flies like a beast! Combined with poppy colours and a Goblin Spped like look its a true power performer!

Goblin 500


My first Goblin ever! I bought it second hand in november 2014. Since then this tiny little beast comes with me wherever I go! It is small but flies like a bigger 600 size!



Goblin 500 Sport


The newest member in my fleet! It combines the precision and the good size of the Goblin 500 with the unique look of teh Goblin 380! All paired with lighter frames and new upgraded parts!

Goblin "600" Nightflight


Night flyingw as always a big dream for me :) So I built up a Goblin 570, stretched it to 600 and put a DALCON system in it.

Goblin Black Thunder


The newest of all my Goblins. A new size: 650 class. Ultra lightweight, super power, elegant matt black rotorheads

Goblin 700 Competition (4.9kg light version)


Thanks to some wiesely chosen, light components this heli just has a weight of 4.9kg! It is my perfect trainer and a ideal showmachine!

Goblin 770 Competition (Red Carbon)


I cannot live without a 800 size machine :) This heli flies with 12s and is incredibly quiet and stable. It is just incredibly awesome to fly :)

Scale models

Mil Mi Hind 24 (Raptor E550)


The famous Mil Mi Hind, but built out of the Thunder Tiger fuselage for Nitro helis. This here is electric and also with a 5blade head!

2.-3.7.16 EVENT Global 3D in Venlo


17.-19.6.16 EVENT Helifest in UK


15.6.16 SPONSOR Midland Helicopters


5.6.16 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D


29.5.16 Stretch Kit for Black Thunder


28.5.16 EVENT Speed Cup


23.5.16 New Optipower 4000mAh lipos


14./15.5.16 EVENT Helidays in Petit-Enghien


09.05.16 The G700 is now a 3blade!


30.4.16 The Black Thunder arrived!


23.4.16 Toy fair Dortmund


Pro-Modellflug Initative


10.4.16 Goblin 380 Photo gallery


6.4.16 Goblin light (4.9kg) Low rpm


2.4.16 Goblin 500 Sport Low rpm


31.3.16  VLog Corfu


30.3.16  First Look: Goblin Black Thunder


17-21.3.16 4th Heli meeting in Greece


12/13.3.16 Rotor Live


27.2.16 Spring feelings :)


25.1.16 Graupner 3D Quad


18.1.16 I will go to Greece!


31.12.15 Pilot-TR some more pictures


27.10.15 Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video


15.-18.10.15 BullSmackdown in Spain


10.10.15 New model: Goblin 500 Sport


3.10.15 Heli Meeting in Böblingen


21.9.15 My own FB Fanpage


12.9.15 Aviation show in Leverkusen


5./6.9.15 Pilot TR Funfly in Turkey


15.8.15 Anniversary funfly in Elsdorf


8./ 9.8.15 Euroflugtag Rheidt


1.8.15 R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach


27.7.15 Visitors from Frankfurt


19.-21.6.15 Helifest in UK


14.6.15 HeliDays in Battice


13.6.15 Pöting Speed Cup & Intervire with Hugo Markes


6.6.15 Berg Heli Sause


2.6.15 G500 3blade


23.-24.5.15 Heli-Days in Belgium


19.5.15 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video


29.4.15 Girls United will be at Helifest in UK


19.4.15 Intermodellbau Dortmund