Here you find a list of all the past events and a preview list of the upcoming helicopter events. 


All the listed upcoming events are not planned fix, but I´ve put them into my calendar. I will try to visit as much of them as I can. :)

If you have a own sugggestion or invitation for an event, don´t hesitate to contact me!






Rotor Live Messe  (12.-13.3.2016)

 in Iffezheim (Germany)


4th Greek Heli Meeting  (19.-20.3.2016)

 in Corfu (Greece)


Intermodellbau Model fair in Dortmund  (23.-24.4.2016)

 in Dortmund (Germany)


Heli Days  (14.-15.5.2016)

 in Petit Enghien (Belgium)


Heli meeting Immelmann  (21.5.2016)

 in Hamm (Germany)


Berg Heli Sause  (27.5.2016)

 in Hembsen (Germany)


Pöting Speed Cup  (28.5.2016)

 in Haiger (Germany)


Chill n Fly  (10.-12.6.2016)

 in Achern (Germany)


Modellflugshow Elkenroth  (18.-19.6.2016)

 in Elkenroth (Germany)


Helifest UK  (17.-19.6.2016)

 in Weston Park (UK)


Global 3D Cup  (2.-3.7.2016)

 in Venlo (Netherlands)


Open day with model airshow FSV "Glück Auf"  (6.-7.8.2016)

 in Ailertkirchen (Germany)


Jets over Cologne  (6.8.2016)

 in Köln Porz (Germany)


Euroflugtag  (13.-14.8.2016)

 in Rheidt (Germany)



Model Airshow Eversberg  (20.-21.8.2016)

 in Meschede (Germany)


Steinfurter heli friendship flying  (20.8.2016)

 in Altenberge (Germany)


Eurofly  (3.-4.9.2016)

 in Bocholt (Germany)


Airshow Leverkusen  (10.-11.9.2016) 

 in Leverkusen (Germany)


Heli meeting  (1.10.2016)

 in Böblingen (Germany)


Bulls Smackdown  (14.-15.10.2016)

 in Murcia (Spain)





Toy Fair Nürnberg (31.1.2015)

in Nürnberg (GER)


Heli Wintermeeting  (22.2.2015)

in Waltrop (GER)


Rotor Live Fair  (14.-15.3.2015)

 in Iffezheim (GER)


Intermodellbau Toy Fair in Dortmund  (19.4.2015)

 in Dortmund (GER)


Heli Days  (23./24.5.2015)

in Petit Enghien (BELGIUM)


Berg Heli Sause  (5.6.2015)

 in Hembsen (GER)


Pöting Speed Cup  (13.6.2015)

 in Haiger (GER)


Heli Days  (14.6.2015)

 in Battice (BELGIUM)


Helifest UK  (19.-21.6.2015)

 in Weston Park (UK)


RC-Heli Summer Meeting  (1.8.2015)

 in Dietzenbach (GER)


Euroflugtag  (8.8.2015)

in Rheidt (GER)


Anniversary FunFly  (15.8.2015)

in Elsdorf (GER)


Pilot TR Funfly  (5./6.9.2015)

in Yozgat (TURKEY)


Flightshow  (12.9.2015)

 in Leverkusen


Heli Meeting  (3.10.2015)

 in Böblingen (GER)

 Bulls Smackdown  (17.-18.10.2015)

 in Murcia (SPAIN)


Bulls Smackdown (27.-28.9.2014)

in Murcia (ESP)


Helidays Kleinenbroich (13.9.2014)

in Korschenbroich (GER)


Leverkusen Airshow (30.-31.8.2014)

in Leverkusen (GER)


Heli Masters in Nördlingen (5.- 7.9.2014)

in Nördlingen (GER)


Kontronik company anniversary (16.-17.8.2014)

in Rottenburg (GER)


Heli Masters Venlo (5.-6.7.2014)

in Venlo (NL)


Pöting Speed Cup (19.6.2014)

in Kreuztal (GER)


Club Airshow MFC Eudenbach (8.6.2014)

in Eudenbach (GER)


heli meeting MFC Immelmann (31.5.2014)

in Hamm (GER)


Father´s day meeting (29.5.2014)

in Heidelberg/Dossenheim (GER)


1st GH-Lounge Meeting (24.5.2014)

in Kerken (GER)


Helimeeting MFG Condor (17.5.2014)

in Pfersdorf (GER)


Intermodellbau Fair Dortmund (12.4.2014)

in Dortmund (GER)


Rotor Live (7.-9.3.2014)

in Iffezheim (GER)





Helimeeting Böblingen (5.-6.10.2013)

in Böblingen (Germany)


Berg Heli Sause (13. - 15.9.2013)

in Brakel (Germany)


RCHA Fun Fly (5.-9.9.2013)

in England (UK)


TDR meeting 2013 (31.8.-1.9.2013)

in Schweinfurth (GER)


Euroflugtag Rheidt (10.-11.8.2013)

in Niederkassel / Rheidt (Germany)


Heli Meeting Ottmarsbocholt (17.8.2013)

in Senden (Germany)


Helimeeting Elsenfeld (22.7.2013)

in Elsenfeld (Germany)


Heli Masters 2013 (5.7.2013)

in Venlo (Netherlands)


Bulls Smackdown (8.-9.6.2013)

in Murcia (Spain)


Pöting Speed Cup (30.5.2013)

in Kreuztal (Germany)


Schweighofer Hausmesse (10.-11.5.2013)

in Deutschlandsberg (Austria)


Heidelberger Vatertagstreffen (9.5.2013)

in Dossenheim/Heidelberg (Germany)


Berg Heli Sause Warm Up (28.4.2013)

in Brakel (Germany)


Rotor Live (9.-10.3.2013)

in Iffezheim (Germany)


LBWS 2013 (19.1.2013)

in Großweingarten (Germany)




Böblingen Heli meeting (06.10.2012)

in Böblingen (GER)


Heli Masters   (09.09.2012)

in Anwalting (GER)


RCHA  (23.- 26.8.2012)

in Lincolnshire (UK)


3D Masters (14.- 15.7.2012)

in Venlo (NL)


Dragonheli Forentreff  (29.6.-1.7.2012)

in Bühl (GER)


HeliChallenge Switzerland   (22.-23.6.2012)



Scale/Semiscale Helitreffen  (09.-10.6.2012)

in Stadtsteinach (GER)


Heli Meeting at MSV Ahlen   (02.06.2012)

in Ahlen (GER)


RC Meeting in Oestrich-Winkel   (25.05.2012)

in Oestrich-Winkel (GER)


40. anniversary of MFV Soltau  (20.05.2012)

in Ilhorn (GER)


Helitreffen in Celle   (19.05.2012)

in Celle (GER)


16. Heidelberger Vatertagsfliegen   (17.05.2012)

in Heidelberg (GER)  


Helitreffen Sömmerda (05. - 06.5.2012)

in Sömmerda (GER)

--- cancelled due to weather conditions ---


3. Eisbärentreffen CH   (11.2.2012)

in Freudwill/Uster (SWITZERLAND)


International Toy Fair Nürnberg (03.02.2012)

in Nürnberg (GER)




Heli-Circus  (23.-24.09.2011)

in Rheidt (bei Köln) (GER)


Heli-Days  (10.-11.09.2011)

in Kleinenbroich (GER)


3D Masters  (23.-24-07.2011)



Flugmodellschau Gatow  (02.-03-07.2011)

in Berlin (GER)


Helitreffen Sömmerda  (07.-08.05.2011)

in Sömmerda (GER)


Helicopter Fair Rotor Live  (12.-13.03.2011)

in Iffezheim (GER)


International Toy Fair Nürnberg  (04.-05.02.2011)

in Nürnberg (GER)




Copa de Maquetas de Valencia (21.-22.11.2010)

in Valencia (SPAIN)


F3C Championship  (2.10.2010)

in Valencia (SPAIN)


3.Dragonheli Treffen  (14.-15.08.2010)

in Bühl (GER)


3D Masters  (23.-25.07.2010)



Model Making Fair Dortmund  (16.-18.4.2010)

in Dortmund (GER)




Munich Heli Masters  (12.-13.09.2009)

in München (GER)


Flugtreffen des MFC Menden (29.8.2009)

in Menden (Sauerland) (GER)


Thunder Tiger FunFly  (15.-16.8.2009)

in Anwalting (bei Augsburg) (GER)


Innovator Treffen  (29.6. - 5.7.2009)

in Göttingen (GER)


Helitreffen St.Johann  (25.-26.4.2009)

in St.Johann (AUSTRIA)


Model Making Fair Sinsheim  (9.-15.3.2009)

in Sinsheim (GER)


Eisbärentreffen  (17.-18.1.2009)




1. Dragonheli Treffen (27.-28.09.2010)

in Malsch (GER)


Thunder Tiger FunFly  (10.-11.8.2010)

in Anwalting (bei Augsburg) (GER)


2.-3.7.16 EVENT Global 3D in Venlo


17.-19.6.16 EVENT Helifest in UK


15.6.16 SPONSOR Midland Helicopters


5.6.16 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D


29.5.16 Stretch Kit for Black Thunder


28.5.16 EVENT Speed Cup


23.5.16 New Optipower 4000mAh lipos


14./15.5.16 EVENT Helidays in Petit-Enghien


09.05.16 The G700 is now a 3blade!


30.4.16 The Black Thunder arrived!


23.4.16 Toy fair Dortmund


Pro-Modellflug Initative


10.4.16 Goblin 380 Photo gallery


6.4.16 Goblin light (4.9kg) Low rpm


2.4.16 Goblin 500 Sport Low rpm


31.3.16  VLog Corfu


30.3.16  First Look: Goblin Black Thunder


17-21.3.16 4th Heli meeting in Greece


12/13.3.16 Rotor Live


27.2.16 Spring feelings :)


25.1.16 Graupner 3D Quad


18.1.16 I will go to Greece!


31.12.15 Pilot-TR some more pictures


27.10.15 Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video


15.-18.10.15 BullSmackdown in Spain


10.10.15 New model: Goblin 500 Sport


3.10.15 Heli Meeting in Böblingen


21.9.15 My own FB Fanpage


12.9.15 Aviation show in Leverkusen


5./6.9.15 Pilot TR Funfly in Turkey


15.8.15 Anniversary funfly in Elsdorf


8./ 9.8.15 Euroflugtag Rheidt


1.8.15 R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach


27.7.15 Visitors from Frankfurt


19.-21.6.15 Helifest in UK


14.6.15 HeliDays in Battice


13.6.15 Pöting Speed Cup & Intervire with Hugo Markes


6.6.15 Berg Heli Sause


2.6.15 G500 3blade


23.-24.5.15 Heli-Days in Belgium


19.5.15 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video


29.4.15 Girls United will be at Helifest in UK


19.4.15 Intermodellbau Dortmund