About Me

Woman flying helicopters? Why that?


Often people ask me that...

For all of you here´s my story:


Already in my childhood i was more interested in trains, cars and RC-boats than in Barbies :) But i was always dreaming of flying...

When I was about 16 years old, i bought a used RTF airplane in ebay. Unfortunately it was totally bad trimmed and configured. As I didn´t know anyone who could help me I had about 3,4 crashes...and sold the poor rests... with the opinion that I, as a girl, am not capable of flying such tecnical stuff...

A lot of years later I heard of a small, tiny, really easy flying and nearly undestructable helicopter: The Picoo Z. "This is something for me" I thought. This little machine was fun, but soon I wanted to have something which would be flying in the direction I wanted to. So I bought myself a koaxial helicopter.
With this heli I was flying a lot but when a part broke I needed some help. I found a group of guys near my city, who were meeting every month. They invited me to come and bring my heli. Since then I stayed in contact with them, and soon they said: "It won´t need long time, then you want a real CP heli, too".


As you can think, this was the truth :) One year later I bought a used Mini Titan from Thunder Tiger and I was now able to configure and program it myself. As I now had some expierence, I wrote in the support forum of Thunder Tiger Germany about my experiences and helped other people.


The Thunder Tiger Team Manager Jörk Hennek discovered me there. "A girl flying our products? Helis? Not possible?!" So he put himself in contact with me, and since summer 2008 I was member of the Thunder Tiger Raptor Team. I was presenting the new products on fairs and events, helped other pilots, was writing in forums and doing some reports and articles from time to time. As a flying girl is very eye-catching, and I´m also posting a lot here and on Facebook, a lot of other sponsors joined my list.

After 5 years with Thunder Tiger I felt that there would be time for something new. And now, since March 2015, I am a proud team pilot of the italian manufacturer SAB Helicopters



I´m born 1985 in Munich (Germany) and grew up in Freising, where I successfully did my A-levels in 2004.


2005-2009 I studied Product Design at the "Fachhochschule für Gestaltung" in Schwäbisch Gmünd, where I completed my career with the title Bachelor of Arts in Product Design.


2009-2011 I was engrossing my mind in Design with my Master studies in Köln. Decemeber 2011 I finished my Master Thesis in Product Design & Proces Developement with the title Master of Science.


During my Master studies in 2011 I was working as a Freelancer for a small company in Cologne, which was specialized in Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Beween 2012 and 2014 I found a full-time job in the company "mobivention", which was also doing Apps, Games and E-Magazines. Since the end of 2015 I work in aglobal company which is specialized on Interfaces for the car industry



My flying field in Cologne (Köln, Germany)

2.-3.7.16 EVENT Global 3D in Venlo


17.-19.6.16 EVENT Helifest in UK


15.6.16 SPONSOR Midland Helicopters


5.6.16 Girls United @ Helifest and Global 3D


29.5.16 Stretch Kit for Black Thunder


28.5.16 EVENT Speed Cup


23.5.16 New Optipower 4000mAh lipos


14./15.5.16 EVENT Helidays in Petit-Enghien


09.05.16 The G700 is now a 3blade!


30.4.16 The Black Thunder arrived!


23.4.16 Toy fair Dortmund


Pro-Modellflug Initative


10.4.16 Goblin 380 Photo gallery


6.4.16 Goblin light (4.9kg) Low rpm


2.4.16 Goblin 500 Sport Low rpm


31.3.16  VLog Corfu


30.3.16  First Look: Goblin Black Thunder


17-21.3.16 4th Heli meeting in Greece


12/13.3.16 Rotor Live


27.2.16 Spring feelings :)


25.1.16 Graupner 3D Quad


18.1.16 I will go to Greece!


31.12.15 Pilot-TR some more pictures


27.10.15 Goblin 500 Sport Promo Video


15.-18.10.15 BullSmackdown in Spain


10.10.15 New model: Goblin 500 Sport


3.10.15 Heli Meeting in Böblingen


21.9.15 My own FB Fanpage


12.9.15 Aviation show in Leverkusen


5./6.9.15 Pilot TR Funfly in Turkey


15.8.15 Anniversary funfly in Elsdorf


8./ 9.8.15 Euroflugtag Rheidt


1.8.15 R/C Heli meeting in Dietzenbach


27.7.15 Visitors from Frankfurt


19.-21.6.15 Helifest in UK


14.6.15 HeliDays in Battice


13.6.15 Pöting Speed Cup & Intervire with Hugo Markes


6.6.15 Berg Heli Sause


2.6.15 G500 3blade


23.-24.5.15 Heli-Days in Belgium


19.5.15 Graupner Alpha Racer Promo Video


29.4.15 Girls United will be at Helifest in UK


19.4.15 Intermodellbau Dortmund